Me Made June days 2, 3 and 4

Yay for Me Made June ’11! So much fun, and a great reason to break out some of those garments that I’d pretty much forgotten I had. (Also a good way to identify those gaps in my me-made wardrobe. My list of things to make is growing rather rapidly!) Back in March I took part in the me-made challenge and had a lot of fun wearing lots of me-made summery dresses. Now it’s June, the challenge is a bit harder, as it’s winter and it turns out I like making summery dresses more than I like making winter garments…. Hmmmm…

But now, days 2, 3 and 4 of my Me Made June challenge.

Day 2

Me-Made items:
Bookish Willow dress with matching belt
Black cardigan for when it got cold (not worn in the photo)

Gaps in my Me-Made wardrobe:
Burgundy merino long-sleeved top
Half slip (worn under the dress to stop the cotton clinging to tights)

How I feel about this outfit:
I totally love this dress and have ever since I made it. This was the first time I tried layering a merino top under it and I was pretty happy with how it worked out (although it did make it seem more school uniform like that wearing it without an undertop does). One of these days I think I’ll make it up again in a winter-weight fabric…..

Where I wore it:
Nowhere exciting, just to work for the day.

Day 3

Me-Made items:
Christina skirt
Bamboo-wool cardigan (actually made by my lovely mother, but I figure mother-made things count for me-made June as well, right?)

Gaps in my Me-Made wardrobe:
Grey merino top. Turns out I have no me-made merino long-sleeved tops, despite the fact they’re pretty much a daily staple in my winter wardrobe

How I feel about this outfit:
I love this skirt – it reminds me of my friend Christina. Now that I see the outfit in this photo though I’m not 100% sure about it – the jersey is quite baggy and it kinda emphasises my pot belly. Hmmm. Maybe I won’t wear this combination again…..

Where I wore it:
To work, then to farewell drinks for my friend (and now former colleague) Deb at The Library cocktail lounge.

Day 4

Two photos for today, just so I can show you the back of the skirt.

Me-Made items:
Denim skirt with orange inset at back. This was the first skirt I made back when I did a pattern making course while I was learning to sew. It was the tuille (I never can spell that…!) and it fit well so I finished it off and kept it as a skirt. I love that it still fits me, about 12 years after I made it. 🙂
Black merino cardigan

Gaps in my Me-Made wardrobe:
Surprise surprise, yet another long-sleeved merino top. I really do need to make me some of those asap….

What I think of this outfit:
This black cardi is possibly the most worn item in my wardrobe. After all, it’s a cardi, it’s black, and it’s short enough to wear with 1950’s style dresses. Need I say more? Now I look at the photo, I’m not convinced by the long socks with the ultra-high-top black Converse sneakers. But what can I say – it’s the weekend. I can’t be bothered with dressey shoes on the weekend!

Where I wore it:
Around the house for some sewing time and some housework time. On a walk to Kilbirnie (the next suburb over the hill) with Steve for a late lunch (but mainly just coz we felt like getting out of the house!)

It’s quite interesting reviewing outfit photos for Me Made June. I’m picking up things I like and don’t like that I’ve never picked up while just looking in a mirror. I have a feeling that if I keep doing outfit posts, I’m going to end up with better styled outfits! Which seems to be a pretty good reason to do it, really. (And hey, if you’re all bored, you can just skip the outfit posts, right?!)


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