Baby showers everywhere

It turns out a fair few of my friends have either recently had babies, had them within the past year, or are currently pregnant. Which is all rather exciting, really, seeing all these little creatures come along! It’s also resulted in my venturing into a sewing world I’d never really thought about before – clothes for babies and toddlers. After all, it seems sort of wrong to go to a baby shower and buy clothes for a new baby when I know I should be able to make some myself that aren’t made in China and all that.

Here’s some I’ve made recently….

This little dress was from a vintage Simplicity pattern my mother loaned me. I think it’s one she made up a lot when either me or my baby sister were young, and she makes it up still as gifts for people who have baby daughters. It’s very cute and fun to make – I’m anticipating when the daughters of other friends turn 1 and I can make them one each! This one was for my friend Cheryl’s daughter Allegra, for her first birthday. Ain’t she adorable?!

These are from another Simplicity pattern – a modern one, though. They’re for a 3 month old – a little pair of elastic waist trousers that are designed to go over nappies. These were for my friend Sara – she’s due to have her first baby in a few weeks.

Two of my other good friends, Mel and Ange, have just had daughters, so I’m going to be doing some more sewing for babies this long weekend! (Mel and Ange – if you’re reading this, let me know if you have any requests. 😉 )


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