Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge – corporate gothic

Another Wednesday, another wardrobe challenge! This Wednesday – corporate gothic. You know, just for those of us who work office jobs yet still occasionally want to channel our inner goth.

In case you’re wondering why my hand looks weird, I was holding a pen as I was planning on going for the ‘secretary’ look in this photo. Clearly, that didn’t work so well. πŸ˜‰

Outfit Details

Made by Me:

  • Black dupion silk skirt
  • Black merino cardigan (not worn in photo)

Made by lovely Friends:

  • Cupcake and bead necklace, made by the lovely Trees

Other stuff:

  • Black silky shirt by NZ designer Blanchet, purchased off TradeMe
  • Black underskirt with lace trim, got at a clothes swap from a friend
  • Black lacy tights
  • Black patent leather high heels

Sadly I had to keep it somewhat toned down today, as we were running a couple of focus groups with customers at work. Oh well, it’s still a bit more gothic-y than my usual look these days!

My lovely friend and colleague Steph took this photos after we finished up the evening focus group we were running. (Thanks, Steph!) That’s my rather messy desk behind me. Yes, I sit on a Swiss ball at work. And yes, those piles of paper on the floor are there because I’ve run out of room on both my desk and the empty desk next to me. *sigh* Filing is clearly not my forte.

Today was also the first day of Me Made June. Turns out I don’t really have any me-made black tops, hence the Blanchet skirt. I did have a black cardi (me-made) over the top, but I wasn’t wearing it for the focus group. I need to go and add ‘work shirts’ to my list of things-I-need-to-make…..

Next week’s wardrobe challenge is scarves. That could be interesting – it’s not an accessory I usually wear! Eek!


2 responses to “Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge – corporate gothic

  1. Aww….so glad you liked the necklace I made:D Next week we can do outfit posts together again!

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