Mending Pile Monday – the Amber Cross skirt

Shameful though it is to admit, for about three years now (maybe four?) I’ve had a skirt sitting in my mending pile, waiting for a small alteration so I could wear it. Yes, that’s right – it’s been there for a good three years or so. Actually, now I think about it, it’s more than four years. Hmmm. Oops.

Anyway, my lovely friend Ange gave me this skirt when she moved to Brisbane. Because lets face it, a long, heavy weight denim skirt isn’t really what you need when you live in Brisbane – it’s far more suited to Wellington’s weather. (Well, except during the equinox gales, when if you wear a long denim skirt you’re likely to get accidently blown out into the road. I discovered this fact not long after moving to Wellington, and it scared me so much it took a few years before I was brave enough to wear a longer-than-just-below-knee-length skirt outside again. But I digress.) I’ve always loved this skirt, so I was pretty stoked when Ange gave it to me. (Thanks, Ange! 🙂 ) But there was one small issue with it – I have rather long legs and when I walk I take rather long strides. Which can often be an issue for long skirts, as they kinda bring me up short. And this one definitely brought me up short! About 1/3 of my stride length short, in fact. So it’s been sitting on that mending pile for the past four years or so, waiting for me to do something to widen it.

As part of my new Mending Pile Monday self-set challenge, I pulled it out of the depths of my mending pile tonight and determined to fix it. And after all that waiting, guess how long it took? About 20 minutes. Which included bobbin-threading time and trying-on time. So, four years and 20 minutes later, I now have a skirt I can wear!

It’s from a New Zealand designer, Amber, who makes small very-limited-run things. It’s made from a heavy black denim, and has a white cross hand-painted on the back and frayed edges. The cross gave me a bit of pause – my first thought was to add a fish-tale type inset into the centre back, but it would have gone right in the middle of the cross. I ended up unpicking part of the centre back seam while I thought about what to do, and it actually hung ok like that, so I just sewed it up again as a split up the back that goes to just above the cross. Gives me extra room when I walk, and when I’m standing still it hangs closed – perfect!

(I’m not 100% sure about the length of this one, though – it’s not a length I normally wear. I’m wondering if it would be better taken up 5cm. What do you think?)

I do apologise for the mess in these shots – one day I’ll figure out where everything should live, but in the meantime I have a few crates of fabric dotted around the place. (Part of my never-ending stash, eek!)

And now that the skirt is finally wearable, it gets to be hung up in my wardrobe for the next month while I take part in Me Made June. Oh well, one day it’ll see the light of day! 🙂


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