Help! Which dress should I make next?

The next Sew Weekly theme has been announced – to make the ultimate summer dress! Now there’s a challenge after my own heart. Not that I really need an excuse to make a dress. 😉

But with a challenge with a scope that broad, it has a challenge of it’s very own. Too many choices! Where should I start?!?

This is where I’d quite like your help. If you wouldn’t mind, that is. I’ve narrowed down my pattern choice to 5 – a selection of 1940’s, 50’s, and 70’s dresses. And I’d love your help deciding which one to make for this challenge. Here’s the options I’ve narrowed it down to (and believe me, narrowing it down to just five took long enough!)

Option One Vogue 2289, a re-released vintage pattern from 1949 (the one with the black dress on the left of the photo). It’s got little cap sleeves, a gathered neckline with stays, loose-fitting bodice and a slightly flared skirt
Option Two Vogue 2561, another re-released vintage pattern, from 1952. You can’t see it in this pattern picture, but the dress has shoulder straps that narrow down to a v in the centre back where they meet the bodice.

Option Three A re-released Butterick pattern, B5032, also from 1952. I’m thinking the sheath dress option here (the one in yellow to the left).
Option Four Style 1120 from, well, I’m not sure when but I’m guessing 1970’s sometime. I’m thinking option 3 for this one (once again, the yellow dress. I seem to be going for the yellow dresses on these pattern covers tonight. Go figure).
Option Five Blackmore 8907, once again date unknown but I’m guessing mid 1950’s. Technically this one isn’t a dress – it’s a blouse, button-through overskirt and pair of shorts. So I don’t really know if it counts for the ‘ultimate summer dress’ challenge. Hmmmm……

Update: I forgot about this pattern, so I’m adding it into the choices as well….

Option Six Vogue 2961, another re-released vintage pattern from 1953.

So, what do you think? Which one should I make this week? Got a preference? (Feel free to nominate the colour you think it should be in as well. Like I said before, there are just too many choices, so I figure it’ll be more fun to go with popular vote. 😉 )


12 responses to “Help! Which dress should I make next?

  1. I vote for option 2 (Vogue 2561) … all of them are pretty cute!

  2. I vote Vogue 2561 🙂 They are all fabulous!

    • Thanks! One day I’ll get them all made up (probably quite soon, considering how fast the Sew Weekly challenges are making me sew things!) but Vogue 2561 is what I’ll be starting with for next week. 🙂

  3. I love Option 2! Option 5 is really cool too…I love the idea of having a button up dress over shorts. =)

  4. Oh! And in YELLOW! For sure. =)

  5. I was all for option 2 aswell, untill I saw option 6!! Wow! What a stunning summer dress! And I totally agree with Christina, Yellow all the way! 🙂

  6. I’m going to go against the grain here and vote option 4, I think its got the summery vibe to it 🙂

    • Thanks Kirsty! 🙂 I’m gonna be starting with the vintage Vogue one, but that 70’s one is totally gonna get made up for next summer. Fun!

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