1940’s Wardrobe Challenge Day

Another Wednesday, another Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge! This week’s challenge was a bit more tricky – 1940’s.

Luckily, I had this dress that I prepared earlier….

Outfit Details

Dress: my me-made Leaves and Hats dress with matching sash belt
Cardi: same as last week (eek!) – $4 from an op shop a few years ago
Tights: grey fishnets
Shoes: green Django and Juliet buckle shoes. The buckle used to be circular and green, but it broke at my friend Ange’s wedding party, so I got them replace with (stronger) square silver buckles. I do love these shoes, oh yes indeed I do!
Necklace: like the cardi, same as last week (eek!). Cute little owl on a branch by a Nelson jewellery designer

I must admit, when I made this dress (from a re-released vintage Butterick pattern from the mid-1940’s, I wasn’t too sure I would ever wear it. The neckline isn’t my usual style, and the shoulders are wider than what I’m used to as well since they were meant to have shoulder pads in them (which I left out coz my shoulders are broad enough as it is, I reckon!). So, yay for this challenge, to make me give this dress a chance out in the light of day! And you know what? I didn’t hate wearing it. In fact, it gave me a good excuse to break out one of my favourite pairs of shoes that I don’t wear nearly often enough. So I’m thinking, I’ll probably wear this dress again. Yes indeed. 🙂

This one’s so you can see the back. A nice sleek A-line skirt, bit different from the full 1950’s styles I’ve been going for lately, but I likes it!

This one’s so you can see it without the cardi on. (Shame I didn’t notice that one of the sleeves was turned up a bit until I got home!)

These are one of my favourite pairs of shoes. I impulse bought them a few years back, with the encouragement of my mother. At the time the practical part of me thought I should get them in black, but the colour loving (and much stronger!) part of me simply had to have the green. Yay for colour!

My lovely friend (and fellow Wardrobe Challenger) Trees took the photos. We were standing on the steps of a church in central Wellington just after work (yay for winter, when it’s pitch black when you leave the office at 5.30. *sigh*), with the Majestic Centre (one of Wellington’s tallest buildings, an odd round structure with lights on sticks fanning out from the top) behind us. So yeah, that’s the Majestic Centre from the side, at night, in that photo above. 🙂 Sometimes when we have a big meeting for work they hire out one of the function meeting rooms at the top – there are some super lovely views out over Wellington from up there!

And just for something a little bit different – this is what happens if I sit still too long at my computer or sewing machine these days. I get a kitten (Roxy) draped over the back of my neck. Cute, no?

Want to join us in the Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge? Next week’s challenge is…. corporate gothic!

3 responses to “1940’s Wardrobe Challenge Day

  1. dressing more funky than you were in hungary. N:-)

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