Purple, purple everywhere

Turns out I quite like the colour purple. A lot, in fact. So when this week’s Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge came up as ‘purple’, it made me rather happy. 🙂 The only question I had was – what to wear from my purple selections? I have a purple dress, purple skirts, purple socks, purple tights, purple boots, purple shoes, purple shirts, purple tops, purple cardigans, even a purple winter coat. Eek! Too many options!!!

I figured it was a good time to break out one of my favourite dresses though. I hasn’t seen the light of day since the Me Made March days, since last time I wore it I found that one of the domes was starting to come off so it’s been languishing in my mending pile ever since. Poor little dress. 😦 But now, it was clearly time to resurrect it and put it back in the wearable part of my wardrobe!

Outfit Details

Dress: me-made dress, the August dress from last year’s 12 Months of Dresses challenge that I set myself
Cardigan: from an op-shop a few years ago for $4. Bargain! This cardi has had soooo much wear since I found it
Tights: Columbine (NZ made!)
Boots: Dr Marten’s, bought off TradeMe for $100 (I also have a red pair in the same style, I love them so much!)
Necklace: Cute little owl I got at a market in Nelson from a Nelson jewellery designer. The wings and the feet move – how cute is that?!

I was a little bit sad that I wasn’t wearing my purple wedge shoes – they’re fantastic, and I planned this outfit in part so I could wear them today! But they weren’t at work where I thought I’d left them, and nor were my purple boots, so I was stuck with black. Oh well, maybe next time.

My lovely friend Trees is taking part in the Wednesday Wardrobe Challenges as well. We’ve started doing outfit posts at the same time, and have discovered that our boyfriends aren’t quite as into taking photos of our outfits as we’d like them to be. Also, scenery at home in the same room all the time is kinda boring. So we’re going to aim to catch up every Wednesday for good girlie chats and practice taking good photos of each other so we can improve our photoing skills for blogging as well. Good all-round useful and fun times, really! We started this off tonight at our craft group meeting, with the other Crafty Foxes. The lovely Lisa and Rei took some of our outfit photos, so we could both be in them. Thanks, Lisa and Rei! You rock!

Drinking tea at the awesomely retro Meow cafe, with the lovely Trees

I love the random graffiti art around Wellington. This is up the back of the alley near Meow cafe.

Next week’s challenge should be fun – we’re going 1940’s for the day! Join us!

6 responses to “Purple, purple everywhere

  1. You beat me to the post! My camera died when I got home – gah!! Stupid Camera! I like the graffiti shot best:)

    • Yuss! I won the blogging race, haha! :-p

      The graffiti shots were awesome! We’ll have to come up with somewhere interesting for a backdrop for next week’s photos. Yay, photo-taking fun!

  2. Yay! even on holidays I still did the challenge! Love that Dress Kat and can’t wait to see next weeks. You and Tree’s look too cute!

    I just bought some nice 1940’s inspired fabric so hope it comes up again too!

  3. The purple dress is just lovely (wonderful fit!) and the outfit goes so well with your hair color:)

  4. Hey

    Awesome website- so good to see what you ve been up too!

    Miss you, crafty and Wellington loads!

    • We miss you, too, girlie! 😦

      Are you taking part in the Wardrobe Challenges over in your end of the world?

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