Kittens and sewing, they don’t mix so well

A week ago, Steve and I adopted a new kitten from the SPCA. A gorgeous little three-month-old girl, with black and grey-brown tiger stripes, huge brown eyes and big pointy ears. We’ve called her Roxy. I’m thinking of her as our Art Deco cat. This is a concept that I have completely failed to explain to Steve.

Naturally, Roxy is adorable. She’s a kitten – is there any way kittens can’t be adorable? I mean, look at those eyes!

However, also like all cats I have ever come across, Roxy is not so good to have around while sewing. This evening, Steve was being all DIY-Man and fixing the door between the kitchen and the dining room, so Roxy got trapped in my room with me so as not to get in the way of power tools. Foolishly, I attempted to sew with her in my room. (Admittedly I had already attempted doing laptop stuff (kittens just can’t keep away from keyboards) and tidying stuff (everything you pick up becomes a toy to be chased) so I figured I may as well attempt the sewing stuff.) Turns out this didn’t work so well for the following reasons:

  • Kittens like to sit on laps when you’re sitting down. They use their claws to get there. Then they get bored quickly, jump down, and 2 minutes later repeat the semi-painful getting-up-again process. My thighs are now covered in little pin pricks, despite putting a folded-up hoodie over my legs to protect them after a while.
  • Kittens are curious. Anything and everything is interesting. Such as scissors, pins, pin cushions, and sewing machines. This results in having to take great care when doing anything, in case they suddenly decide to sniff a pin at exactly the wrong moment.
  • Everything is a toy. If it moves, it needs to be chased and clawed at. Funnily enough, when you’re sewing fabric, that fabric moves. As does any thread hanging off the fabric. I’m very glad that the fabric I’m using for this week’s Sew Weekly challenge is pretty robust – anything even vaguely delicate would have been destroyed. (But then, if I was sewing with anything delicate, I wouldn’t have attempted to do so with a kitten in the room!)
  • And lets not even get in to how much fun cats find paper patterns, especially when those paper patterns are pinned to fabric. I didn’t have a problem with this tonight though – I learnt many years ago that if working with paper patterns, lock and any all cats, regardless of their age, out of the room until the pattern has been put away again. Even older cats who are usually content to just sit and watch can go a little bit mad when there are patterns pinned to fabric. Hmmm.
  • Here’s what I had to contend with tonight. Luckily she’s so cute.


One response to “Kittens and sewing, they don’t mix so well

  1. Oh! What a CUTIE! I especially love the last two photos…..we just recently started fostering two older cats and one is definitely my sewing assistant! Which basically means every 15 minutes or so I need to pet her….sooooo cute!!! She’s pretty good about printed patterns and the like though she does tap my leg (with claws but not hard–but sometimes the claws get stuck) when I am handsewing something……Your kitten is adorable and she is definitely very art deco!!!

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