Reclaiming the forgotten

Today’s Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge was a good excuse to go fossicking through the depths of my wardrobe – it was the “I’d forgotten I had this!” challenge! A chance to drag those long-forgotten items of clothing out of the depths of your wardrobe and back into the light of day.

It turns out I’ve got quite a few things in my wardrobe that haven’t seen the light of day for quite some time, so I’m contemplating doing this challenge every day for the next week….!

Outfit Details

Skirt: Yellow ‘fantail’ skirt by NZ designer Blanchett (which is a label that sadly doesn’t exist any more). This used to be one of my favourite skirts back when I was in university and was one of the first ‘designer’ items I ever bought – I fell in love with the colour and the back of it! It was quite exciting to drag it out of the depths of my wardrobe and find that I can fit into it again – I haven’t been able to do it up for the past 9 years, and now I can, yay!
Top: Plum merino short-sleeved top, made by me. Gets a lot of wear over autumn/winter, so not a long-forgotten item, I’m afraid
Cardigan: I’d completely forgotten I had this, and only found it buried in a drawer this morning! It’s a merino knit wrap cardigan from NZ label ‘Episode’. I think I picked it up in an op-shop somewhere a while back….?
Tights: Grey fishnets which probably haven’t been worn for a good year or two

I love the details on the back of this skirt – it’s all tulle in the same colour at the main part of the skirt, all draped and with another layer of tulle over the top to hold it in place. It’s a bit fan-like, and it’s at the back like a tail, which I’m guessing is why it was called after one of our native birds, the Fantail. 🙂

Next Wednesday’s Wardrobe Challenge is a colour based one – purple! Go on, join in!


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