Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge – spots and stripes

Today’s was ‘spots and stripes’. Which seemed like the perfect opportunity to wear a skirt I got in a clothes swap party a few months ago and hadn’t gotten around to wearing yet.

Outfit Details

Skirt: spotted layered skirt I got in a clothes swap a while back
Cardigan: striped Nom*D cardigan I fell in love with when I was in Dunedin a couple of years ago and couldn’t resist (back in the days when I still bought new clothes)
Singlet: black with little skulls and crossbones. My sister bought the same one at the same time. Sometimes we have similar taste. 🙂

Next week’s challenge is the “I’d forgotten I had this!” challenge – to find something lurking in the back of your wardrobe that hasn’t been worn for so long you’ve nearly forgotten about it, and bring it back from where it’s been hiding and into the light of day!

One response to “Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge – spots and stripes

  1. I like the pattern combo!

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