Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge – wide belts!

This Wednesday’s Wardrobe Challenge was a nice and easy one for me – to wear a wide belt for the day! I seem to have gotten into the habit of wearing my favourite wide waist belt most days (it goes rather well with 1950’s style dresses, or at least I like to think it does!), so it almost seemed like cheating to just wear it again today for the challenge. So I decided to look on it as a good excuse to wear a dress that I would only ever wear with a wide waist belt. šŸ™‚

Outfit details:

Dress: by Stella Gregg (NZ Designer). Black and grey silk, acquired from my friend Karen at a clothes swap party (thanks, Karen! šŸ™‚ )
Cardigan: also acquired at a clothes swap party (gotta love those clothes swaps!)
Tights: first black footless tights I ever bought, in fact!
Wide belt: my fave wide waist belt, a nice cheap one from Glassons a couple of years back


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