Vintage pattern finds

I’ve had a few vintage pattern finds lately that have been sitting there, waiting to make their way onto the blog, so it’s time – another post about vintage patterns! Yay!

First up, here’s two that I found at the op shop on the corner of my street on Saturday afternoon. For the grand sum of 50c each. Score! I love that they’re both capsule wardrobe type patterns, and they’re so happy and mid-70’s in style. Which goes quite well with this week’s Sew Weekly challenge.

Style 1024 from 1976

Style 4990 from 1975

I’m especially loving Style 4990 from 1975, with it’s ultra-long-legged drawings of models and their bell-sleeved shirts with mega-wide lapels. Brilliant! I think I’ll be making that shirt sometime soon. (Although probably with the flare in the sleeves toned down a bit….).

This next lot I got in a bundle. I can’t remember how much it was as it’s already cleared from my auction history (I got these from TradeMe, the New Zealand equivalent of eBay), but I think it cost me about $40 for the group of them. Which seems like quite a bit, but since vintage 1950’s style women’s dress patterns usually go for about $15 on TradeMe, it’s a little below the average so not really too bad. Or so I’ll keep telling myself! They used to belong to the grandmother of the girl who was selling them.

Funny story behind these ones – the seller who listed them was based down in Dunedin, so I asked my mother to go and collect them for me since she was about to come up to Wellington to visit me. She called the seller up to get their address, and they recognised my surname and asked if we were the same Hardisty family that live out in Blueskin Bay! Turns out the girl who was selling the patterns used to go to the same primary school as my siblings and I did, a couple of years above me. It really is such a small world over here in New Zealand sometimes….. And then to make it even smaller, the older sister of the girl who was selling the patterns was visiting and about to go home. Her home was just past my parents place, so she dropped the collection of patterns off to my mothers house on her way past, and they had a good wee catch-up about life. Typical! šŸ™‚

Academy 3210

Academy 3336

Academy 3998

Blackmore 8907

English Woman W4

Sadly absolutely none of these patterns have dates, and none of them are on the Vintage Pattern Wiki. They all look 1950’s to me, though.

I especially love the Blackmore one – button-through skirt, cute shorts and a shirt – so sweet! Academy 3210 with it’s pretty pretty nightgown is adorable as well. There was a basic straight skirt pattern in the lot too – I got a bit lazy so I didn’t photograph it, as it’s a little bit boring next to all the fluffy 1950’s gorgeousness. šŸ™‚

The last one to post about today is also a TradeMe find, for $15.

Academy 3390

This one is quite interesting, I thought. It’s got pleats down the bust that then extend into the skirt (where they flare out prettily), and it’s got buttons and button holes in the pleats in the skirt. I’m curious to see what it’ll look like when it’s made up! I’m a bit nervous about Academy patterns, though – the instructions are *very* minimal (one single-sided sheet of cramped uneven typed text and line drawings!). But we’ll see how it goes!

The English Woman one is also interesting – the pattern envelope is an A4 sheet of paper that’s wrapped around the pattern – it unfolds and the instructions are printed on the inside! (Hence the reason why it looks so tatty – the tatty edge is just a basic piece of paper, not a pattern envelope.)

Now for the real question – which one do I start with?!?!

2 responses to “Vintage pattern finds

  1. Hi Kat – what great pattern finds. I really need to start looking for vintage patterns, they are so much more stylish than current patterns.

    The first pattern you have shown would be perfect for one of my childhood photos – Mum took me off to have portraits done with my brother dressed in a yellow nylon safari suit!! I still cringe when I see that photo – not sure what she was thinking! I’ll see if I can find it and post it at Sew Weekly. Have fun with this week’s challenge.

    • Vintage patterns are fantastic! I can’t believe how long it took me to start looking for them – it never even occurred to me until the Sew Weekly circle this year! (Warning – they’re quite addictive! It’s very hard to pass one by when it’s vintage as you think “if I don’t get this now, I may never see it again!”)

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