Yay! I got an award!

I was pretty excited yesterday when I saw a comment on my blog from Donna over at Nid de Tissus. She’d given my blog the Stylish Blogger award! Yay! 🙂 I’m still getting used to the idea that people actually *read* my blog, so it’s super-exciting to have someone like it enough to give me the Stylish Blogger award. Thanks Donna – you made my day! 🙂

So, in acceptance of the award, here’s my list of 7 things about me that might be a little bit interesting and that you probably don’t know….

1 – I lived in Hungary for a year when I was 18 as an AFS exchange student. I try to get back there every few years to visit the lovely family I stayed with. (If only New Zealand wasn’t so far away, I could go visit them more often!)

2 – I’m the oldest of five children. My mother is also the oldest of five children. I’m figuring this having-five-children trend is going to end with me, as I have no intention of having anywhere near that many!

3 – My cat Kahlua got her name due to a tradition that was started back when I was in my first year at university. My flatmate got a cat and couldn’t decide what to call it, so we named it Palinka, after a Hungarian fruit brandy. A couple of years later, another girl I flatted with got a cat and named it Baileys. Then when I moved to Wellington and adopted my cat, I felt I should carry on the tradition by naming her after an alcoholic beverage.

4 – My feet are half a size bigger than my boyfriends feet. (I balance this out by being about half an inch or so taller than him.) (Sadly the balance then swings back the other way as he’s 10kg lighter than me. *sigh*)

5 – Following on in that vein, about half the guys I’ve gone out with have been shorter than me. My first serious boyfriend was exactly the same height (and shoe size) as me. Funnily enough, many of them haven’t liked it when I wear high heels. And I have a decent-sized collection of high heels. 😉

6 – Just like Donna from Nid de Tissus, I also have a piece of graphite visible in my hand, from when I accidentally stabbed myself with a pencil while working at a bookshop. My piece of graphite is right near the main joint in my right index finger.

7 – I own far far too many books. Currently four bookcases, many of which are double-lined with books, and more books are in piles on the floor. Maybe I have a problem. If I do, I don’t intend to do anything about it. Except maybe buy another bookcase this weekend……

So there’s my seven things! And now, the list of seven blogs I think are awesome and I’d like to pass this Stylish Blogger award on to…..

Veronica Darling
Adventures of a Girl From the Naki
My Happy Sewing Place
Finding My Way
The Sew Convert
Tanit-Isis Sews
Seaside Siblings

4 responses to “Yay! I got an award!

  1. That’s hilarious that you have a graphite mark too! I looked down while I was writing the post, trying to think of things to say, and I saw it. It’s in my right hand, in between the thumb and index finger. 🙂
    I’m glad I was able to pass along the award and learn more about you. That’s awesome that you got to live in Hungary.

  2. Hi Kat – thank you so much for passing on the Stylish Blogger Award to me . I got home last night after the girls dance concert (Alice looked fantastic – I’ll post some photos later today), had a quick look at my blog, and found 2 awards!!

    This blogging stuff is very new to me, and I still find it amazing that someone is interested in my blog, so I was totally blow away by the kindness you and Charlotte (from Sew weekly) have shown by passing on my blog to others.

    So in kind – I am passing on an award to you – the Liebster Blog award. It is similar to the stylish blogger award, you have already linked back to my blog, so all you have to do is pass the award on to 3-5 others and post the award piccie on your blog. I won’t be offended if you decide not to pass it on.

    How’s your black dress and apron going? I am so far behind, not sure I will get it done by tomorrow – “Alice” has taken all my time this week (along with the other costumes I had to do).


  3. Thanks for the award Lady! I shall add it to my blog soon:D

  4. Hmmm – I have probably helped you with your book problem when I moved to Aussie & dumped a bunch on you – whoops. Maybe I will have room to take some more back with me at xmas 🙂

    p.s. Yay for your award 🙂

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