Me-Made-March 2011 – the final days

I can hardly believe it – March has come to an end already! Which means Me Made March 2011 has also come to an end. And I still haven’t finished unpacking my wardrobe from after the renovations, so a lot of my me-made items haven’t seen the light of day this month. Oops! Guess I’ll just have to do better next time!

What this month has shown me, though, is that there are some areas in my wardrobe where there is a definite lack of me-made garments. The main things missing are a jacket, cardigans, a hoodie, a pair of jeans, and nice work tops. On the other hand, I have a *lot* of dresses and skirts! A bit of an imbalance here, me thinks. I may have to focus on that for the upcoming Sew Weekly challenges – adding some more of those separates into my wardrobe so it’s a bit more balanced in the me-made area.

Here’s what I dug out from my wardrobe for the last week or so in March…..

Tuesday 22 March
I have no idea what I wore on the 22 March. 😦 I forgot to take a photo, and now it’s too long ago to remember! I do know that it was a me-made outfit, though!

Wednesday 23 March

23 March outfit

Me-made ‘I should Coco’ dress with matching me-made belt.
Pink cardigan from a clothes swap. I can’t find my me-made pink merino cardigan anywhere. Perhaps I gave it away? Hmmmm….

Thursday 24 March

24 March outfit

Me-made green dress.
Purchased black jacket. (Wardrobe lack!)

Friday 25 March
I actually can’t remember what I wore this day! Although I suspect it was a day off, as I really wanted to wear jeans….. Really do need to sort out that wardrobe lack before the next me-made month!

Saturday 26 March

26 March outfit

Me-made denim skirt.
My-mother-made hand-knitted cardigan (thought I’d give my mothers crafting some love on the blog this month, too!)
Purchased black tshirt (wardrobe lack!)

Sunday 27 March

27 March outfit

Me-made pink-and-navy striped tshirt
Me-made long denim shorts
Purchased black hoodie (wardrobe lack!)

Monday 28 March

28 March outfit

Me-made Oriental 60’s dress.
(Yes, this photo is from a Sew Weekly challenge post. But I didn’t think there was any chance I could convince Steve to take a photo of me wearing the same dress two days in a row, so figured I’d better reuse this one from the challenge’s photo shoot!)

Tuesday 29 March

29 March outfit

Yep, this pic is also from a Sew Weekly posting. I forgot to get a photo of today’s outfit, but since it was this exact outfit, figured it was better to reuse an image than not have one at all!
Me-made blue knit top.
Me-made charcoal straight skirt.

Wednesday 30 March

30 March outfit

Me-made red 8-gore skirt
Me-made black merino cardigan (this cardigan gets a lot of use!)
Purchased black-with-white-skulls singlet (wardrobe lack!)

Thursday 31 March

31 March outfit

Me-made Peanut Butter dress.
Me-made black merino cardigan.

So there we have it – the end of Me Made March 2011. It’s been a good challenge, making me wear some things that haven’t seen the light of day in a while! (And also rediscovering that me-made underwear is very comfortable. Yay!)

There are more lacks in my me-made wardrobe than I expected, and I’m not sure I would have noticed them if it hadn’t been for this challenge. So that’s given me something to think about – must make trousers and tops, rather than more and more skirts and dresses!


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