Me Made March week three

Wow, the third week of Me Made March is already over! Don’t know quite where this month is going to so quickly…. Hmmmm…. Not long left to go on the Me Made March challenge, and so far I’ve only had one double-up of outfits. I’m gonna try to make it through the rest of the month without any double-ups – we’ll see how that goes. 🙂

Here’s what I wore for the third week of the challenge. Items made by me wherever possible (including underwear, but I’ll spare you all the sight of that!). As seen in the first two weeks, there is definitely a lack of me-made cardigans in my wardrobe. In fact, it turns out I only have two of them – one black one (which you’ve now seen several times) and one pink one (wherever it is at the moment. I really must try to dig it out for the final days of the challenge….). Sadly I haven’t had much spare time for sewing this past couple of weeks, what with the renovations finally finishing (I’m still trying to make sense of the chaos that is my newly-finished bedroom/craft room) and my mother coming to stay, so no more cardigans have been added to the collection yet. However I have just dug out some lovely bright red knit fabric, so maybe I’ll get another one made and added to my collection this week. 🙂

Tuesday 15 March

Me-made Unrequited Love dress, from a Sew Weekly challenge.
Cardigan from a clothes swap party, since my me-made black cardi is still in the wash. (Oops!)

Wednesday 16 March

Once again, a bit of a fail today. I seem to be having a fail day each week, don’t know quite what’s up with that. Oh well. I wasn’t feeling too well today, so stayed home sick from work and spent the day lounging around feeling sorry for myself and wearing my old comfy jeans I got in a clothes swap. Not much me-made about the outfit, aside from the underwear, which as mentioned previously I won’t subject you to photos of. 🙂

Thursday 17 March

Me-made black-and-white tartan skirt (with a fish tail at the back, that you can’t really see in the photo). I made this years ago, and am quite happy that it finally fits me again, as it’s been too small for me for the past three years or so!
Me-made dark purple merino tshirt.

Friday 18 March

Me-made denim skirt with an orange inset at the back. I made this skirt probably around 10 years ago now – it was the very first thing I ever made from a pattern I drafted myself, so I’m quite glad I kept it, even though it’s been a few years since I’ve worn it. Yay for the Me-Made-March challenge making me dig a few of these things out of my wardrobe!
Me-made pink-and-navy striped tshirt with black mesh sleeves.

Saturday 19 March

Me-made Buzzy Bees dress. The very first dress I ever made from a vintage pattern! (Well in this case a re-released Butterick pattern from 1947 or thereabouts.)

Sunday 20 March

Turns out I forgot to get a photo of my outfit today. Which is a shame, as it’s one of my favourite dresses. It was my me-made August Dress (with polka-dots).

Monday 21 March

Me-made Domestic Goddess dress.
White cardigan from a clothes swap. Fail. I clearly need to make myself a little white cardigan – the colour goes quite well with all these vintage style dresses. Hmmm. A plan for next weekend, perhaps….

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