Me-Made-March 2011 – week two

Well, I’m a little bit late posting about the second week in the Me-Made-March challenge, but better late than never, right?! And I have a good excuse – the renovations finally finished this week! Yay!! Two months of chaos have come to an end!! (Or at least they will have, once I finish putting all the furniture etc back where it should be this weekend….)

And without further ado, here’s the results of week two of Me-Made-March 2011……

Tuesday 8 March

So I have no idea what happened to the photo from this day, but I can tell you I wore my Peanut Butter dress and a black cardigan, both made by me. 🙂

Wednesday 9 March.

Me-Made Tulip dress from a Sew Weekly challenge.
Cardigan I got from an op-shop. Turns out, I need to make myself some more cardigans that aren’t black. Very soon, as this is turning into one of my main lacks for this challenge!

Thursday 10 March

Sadly, a bit of a fail this day. But an explainable fail – we had a team off-site day for work, which included going up on a ropes-and-flying-foxes course, so we had to wear suitable clothing. Funnily enough, my 1950’s style dresses didn’t quite fit the bill….

Friday 11 March

Me-Made dress (from a re-released vintage Butterick pattern from the 1950’s).
Black cardigan I got in a clothes swap as the one I’d made was in the wash. Hmmm. Not doing so well with me-made cardigans this week….. 😦

Saturday 12 March

Me-Made yellow tulips dress (made from a vintage curtain from the 60’s or 70’s!)

Sunday 13 March

Me-Made dress (part of a Sew Weekly challenge), the famous Butterick “Walk Away” pattern
(This photo was taken in my boyfriends parents garden. So not the best photo of me or the dress, but lots of pretty flowers to look at instead. 🙂

Monday 14 March

Me-Made green cherries dress

Week Two summary:
Week two didn’t go so badly. Although it did highlight my need to make some more cardigans in colours aside from black!

Now that the renovations have finished, I’m starting to unpack most of my wardrobe from the boxes it’s been stashed in for the past couple of months, so I’ll be able to start bringing out some of my older me-made garments for the next couple of weeks – exciting!


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