Me Made March 2011 – week one

The first week of Me Made March 2011 is now over! I gave myself a rather ambitious challenge – to wear only outfits made entirely by me (including underwear!) for all of March 2011. So far, it’s not going too badly, although there have been a couple of slip-ups (however, all with very good reasons!). I’m really liking focusing on wearing things I’ve made myself – in fact, it’s making me want to make more and more and get rid of everything from my wardrobe that wasn’t made by me! (Although that may take a while let….)

The other thing it’s doing is making me realise what gaps I have in my self-made wardrobe. Some of which I really need to fill, and will set to work filling just as soon as I get my sewing space back post-renovations! (Which had better be soon, as I’ve been unable to sew for nearly a week and I’m suffering withdrawal! Argh!!!) So to make sure I don’t forget what I need to make once I do get my space back, here’s what I’ve discovered I’m lacking in the self-made department so far:

  • A hoodie
  • Cardigans in colours other than black. (The black one has been getting quite a work out this week!)
  • Jeans. Been a few years since I made any for myself, definitely time to make some again!
  • A nice autumn-weight jacket. It got cold this week, and I wasn’t expecting that. Brrrrrr.
  • More work-suitable tops. Hmmm. I may have been focusing on dresses a bit much this past year, it turns out…..
  • And without further ado, here’s how the first week went!

    1 March. My 'January dress' from last year, the first I made in the 12 Dresses challenge, in fact. šŸ™‚

    2 March. My 'Psycho' inspired dress from the Sew Weekly challenges.

    3 March. My 'Something Floral, Something Blue' dress, also from a Sew Weekly challenge.

    4 March. Slip-up number 1: only the skirt and underwear were made by me in this outfit. We were all wearing red and black to show our support for the people of Christchurch after their earthquake, and with the renovations happening, the only made-by-me red or black things I had were this black skirt, which I made as another Sew Weekly challenge.

    5 March. Long denim shorts, pink tshirt, and a black merino cardigan. Odd photo as Steve was in an odd mood and decided to be 'arty' with it.

    7 March. Charcoal denim pencil skirt and blue top, made for a Sew Weekly challenge.

    Yep, there are quite a few things in that first week of outfits that were made as part of The Sew Weekly challenges I’ve done this year. But then, with nearly all of my wardrobe packed in boxes for the past two months while the renovations take longer than expected, this isn’t overly surprising! I should be able to get back into my bedroom mid next week and start finding things again, so hopefully you’ll get to see some new things from then on. šŸ™‚

    The other thing that’s missing from the above photos (for those of you who are observant!) is that there is no photo for March 6. I started off the day well, with long denim shorts and a pink-and-navy striped tshirt I’d made, but then a nasty cold Southerly kicked in. Since I was outside all day, I had to layer on the warm clothes. And without access to most of my wardrobe (*sigh*), sadly that meant things that weren’t made by me. Sad, but true. šŸ˜¦ I forgot to get a pic of the outfit I started the day in, so no photo. Maybe next time. šŸ™‚


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