My Sewing Through the Decades plan

A few weeks back, I heard about the Sewing Through the Decades Challenge and, never one to resist a sewing challenge, I decided I’d take part as well. 🙂

Ever since then, I’ve been trying to figure out what I should do for this challenge. The idea of making a dress from every year in the 1950’s held a LOT of appeal, but I decided that no, I do a lot of things from the 1950’s, it’s time I branched out and explored other decades a bit, and what better time to do it than with this challenge? So, this evening I went through some of my patterns and I’ve decided on my Sewing Through the Decades plan. It may only be the first part of the challenge for me (who knows, I may yet decide to do the one-dress-a-year-from-the-50’s idea?), but I figure it’s a good place to start. I’m going to explore the decades around the 1950’s, and make two things from the 1940’s, two from the 1960’s and two from the 1970’s. (To start with, anyway!) Here’s what I’m planning on making….

From the 1940’s:

Vogue 2289 from 1949

Vogue 2876 from 1943

From the 1960’s:

Simplicity 4771 (year unknown, but sometime in the 60's)

Simplicity 8381 from 1969

And from the 1970’s:

Style 1541 from 1976

Simplicity 6157 from 1976

I was only able to find a few of them on the Vintage Patterns Wiki, as it seems some were originally published with a different reference number. (Very annoying how they change them!) So here’s the full list of what I’m going to make:

  • Vogue 2298 from 1949
  • Vogue V2976 from 1943
  • Simplicity 4771 from sometime in the 1960’s
  • Simplicity 8381 from 1969
  • Simplicity 6157 from 1976
  • Style 1541 from 1976
  • I’m hoping to tie a few of them in with the Sew Weekly challenges, too.

    I’ve given myself a few challenges here. I’ve been wanting to make a shirt dress for ages, even though the idea of all those buttons and button holes fills me with dread. But hey, the only way to get better at them is to do them, right?! The shirt dress will also be the biggest challenge as it’s sized for a petite size, and I’m anything but that, so I’ll need to make some adjustments to the bodice section to make it long enough for me.

    So now I’m eagerly waiting for the next weekly sewing challenge, to see which of these I can incorporate into the challenge first! 🙂 (Sadly I won’t have time to start one just for the sake of starting one this week, as I’ve got a lot of things on, but even if I can’t make one fit this week’s sewing challenge, I’ll start one next week anyway. The only question being, which one do I do first…..?? If you’ve got an opinion, let me know! I’m taking votes to decide. 😉

    6 responses to “My Sewing Through the Decades plan

    1. Hi Kat! Love the 1970s shirtdress, that’s my vote. I have a RTW shirtdress and I like it so much I figure I should get around to making one myself. Maybe you could use that as your submission for this week’s SW challenge in case you can’t get hold of a Colette pattern (the shirtdress is kind of similar to the Ceylon pattern!). Good luck with your Sewing Through the Decades challenge 🙂

      And I just read your previous post — very well written and thoughtful. That’s great that you are able to help out in your own way. Sending good thoughts from the other side of the world to those in Christchurch and their loved ones.

    2. Love the plan Kat, but I hope you will not give up the sewweekly challenge, I love seeing your things. I’m impatiently waiting for our email telling us what next week’s challenge is – and I haven’t done this week yet ;0)

      I love Simplicity 1541, so I am voting for that as your first project! I think the collar on views 1 and 2 is really cute.
      Charlotte x

      • Don’t worry Charlotte, I’ll still be doing all the Sew Weekly challenges! 🙂 (I’m also waiting impatiently for the next challenge email! Fun!)

    3. oooh i love the last dress, it’s super cute!

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