Unrequited Love dress

This week on The Sew Weekly, the theme was Unrequited Love in the Movies. Such a broad theme it was, indeed! So broad, I didn’t really know where to start. Luckily, the lovely Mena provided a link to a list of movies featuring unrequited love.

Browsing through the list, the first movie that really caught my eye was ‘Psycho’. What? You don’t think Psycho is about unrequited love? What about the killing of a mother because her love transferred onto her lover? Or killing our heroine because of the idea that your mother would feel abandoned by you if you were to love that heroine? Sure, it’s about murder, but it’s murder because of unrequited love. (That darn unrequited love shows up in all sorts of places, really!)

Anyway, Psycho caught my eye for three reasons:
– It’s not the traditional soppy unrequited love sort of story. At all.
– It was a bit of a groundbreaker, that movie. It stands out in cinema history for a multitude of reasons! Which you can read all about.
– The dress the heroine Marion is wearing in some of the stills from the movie reminded me of a vintage pattern I’d gotten a while back and had been a bit unsure about using, since it’s not at all my usual style. What better reason to make up a different style, than in honor of a Sew Weekly challenge?!?

Here’s the stats:
Pattern used: vintage Simplicity 5063. Sadly, I have no idea what year it’s from, as there is no date anywhere on it! (So if you know when it’s from, please let me know!) I’m guessing early 1960’s, though.
Time taken: slightly over 4 hours
Fabric: 2.5 metres of a mixed fibre blend (I think cotton, polyester, spandex? Not 100% sure, though.)
Cost: Fabric $10 (on sale); zipper $4 (on sale). Total cost: $14.

I made up dress style 2 from the pattern, with short sleeves and top-stitching detail on the front bodice and skirt seams all the way from the skirt hem to the shoulder seams. I did make one small change to the pattern though, and used an invisible zipper at the back instead of a standard zipper.

The fabric used was a blend, I think of cotton, polyester and spandex, although I’m not too sure. It’s got a decent amount of stretch in it, while still being nice and heavy. To make the top stitching detail stand out subtly, I used a pale grey cotton. The belt isn’t quite finished, as I ran out of D-rings, but once I make it to Spotlight finishing it off will be a 5-minute job. 🙂

It’s not really my usual style, with the high neckline, so it’s taking me a while to get used to wearing it. I’m going to try wearing it to work tomorrow for the first time, and see how it goes.

Would I make this pattern again? Yes! But with a couple of adjustments. I’d lower the front neckline (and widen it a bit), and also lengthen the bodice by about 1.5cm, as it’s just slightly too high at the moment.

And here it is: the Psycho Unrequited Love dress. Along with the stills from the movie that inspired it.

Simplicity 5063 Pattern

Simplicity 5063 Pattern

The images from Psycho that inspired the dress:
Marion in the hotel parking lot
Marion standing at the window
Marion close up

The dress images inspired by those photos:

Dress in the house carport

Dress in the house carport

Dress standing at the window

Dress standing at the window

Dress close up

Dress close up


6 responses to “Unrequited Love dress

  1. Psycho is one of my favourite movies!! Great little frock Kat:)

  2. Hi! Just saw you via the Sew Weekly page! GREAT dress, it looks really tricky!

    I like how the Sew Weekly themes make you think outside of your usual sewing habits! See you around!

  3. Love the dress – and the purple hair! Reminds me of my favorite spaceship captain/one-eyed bad ass – Leela from Futurama!

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