Coding Robot softies

Another Christmas, another dilemma – what on earth do you make for a guy who doesn’t really have hobbies that are easy to make for?!? (Computer-geek boys, I’m looking at you. Please, do those of us who have to give you gifts a favour and take up a hobby we can do something with!) This Christmas, I had not one, but two, computer-geek boys to give presents to. Hmmm.

Conveniently, like the girls with the Buttercup Bags, these lads don’t know each other, so once I figured out what to do for one of them, a variation of the same thing worked quite well for the other one as well. Phew!

So, what do you get a boy who likes programming? A coding robot softie, of course!

The first lad I made one of these wee softies for was for a secret santa present. I’d never met the guy – it was another of the New Zealand Twitter community secret santa gifts. (So much fun, making things for random people! πŸ™‚ ) This guy got this wee guy – Ted the Coding Robot:

Ted the Coding Robot

Ted the Coding Robot

Ted’s made from felt, with a polyfill stuffing. I whipped him up, without using a pattern, in under an hour one evening while watching something on TV with a couple of my flatmates. He’s not that big, maybe 10cm high, but for a spontaneous pattern-less softie, I thought he was kinda cute. πŸ™‚ He now lives in Auckland with Sam the computer-geek boy.

The second Coding Robot softie was named Max. Max the Coding Robot is from Philadelphia. He likes sushi, playing Fourza (a car racing xbox game) and watching South Park. Just like the boy he’s made for. He doesn’t like Siamese cats. Also like the boy he’s made for. (Side note: dislike of Siamese cats is due to them harassing our kitten. Prejudice against the breed resulted.) Max is made from polar fleece and felt, with a polyfill stuffing. He kinda had a pattern made for him beforehand, just so I could make sure I had the measurements right since he’s a big bigger (maybe 25cm high, I think?). He had a misadventure as a child robot and fell on his head, which is why his eyes are crossed. (This does not detract in any way from his xbox playing abilities.)

Max the Coding Robot

Max the Coding Robot

There are a few improvements I’d made to either Max or Ted if/when I made similar coding robots. But for random, invent-them-as-you-go quick softies, I reckon they’re kinda cute with their imperfections. And the computer-geek boys liked them, which is the main thing. πŸ™‚


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