Christmas Buttercup Bags

Since Christmas is all over for another year, I can now post about a few of the things I made for people. (I really wanted to post about them at the time, but just in case, thought I’d better not!)

First up, two gifts I made – one for one of my cousins, and one for someone I have never met, who doesn’t know who I am. (Secret Santa time!)

Since these two people have probably never met, and probably never will meet, I cheated a little and made them the same thing. 😉

A while back, I found this super-cute tutorial on the Made by Rae blog, for a Buttercup Bag. I’ve just been looking for an excuse to use it, really! I’m glad I found a use for it, as it made some rather cute bags (but then, I may be slightly biased since I’m the one who made them. Hmmm.)

So, first up – a bag for my cousin! This year, my extended family decided to do something a little different for Christmas. Traditionally, each branch of the family buys a gift for another branch of the family (the branches being defined at my mother’s generation. I.e. she buys a gift for her brother’s family, and vice versa). Since most of the kids in my generation have now left home, this whole buying-for-a-family thing isn’t really working so well, and it pretty much ends up with everyone getting a box of biscuits to share. Not very exciting, really. This year, we decided to try something a bit different – a secret-santa style Christmas! Everyone (from all the generations) had their name put into a hat, and who they were giving a present to was selected at random. Which I thought went really well, as many of us don’t know each other all that well (only seeing cousins at Christmas once a year isn’t overly conducive to knowing them well) and having to get a gift for someone is a good way to get to know a bit more about them. This year, I got to give a present to my 18 year old cousin Melissa.

Scarily enough, this made me realise how long it’s been since I was 18. Eek! What on earth do you get an 18 year old girl?!? The only hints I really got from Facebook were that she likes going out partying with her friends. Hmmm. Every girl needs a bag for going out with, right? (Yes?) Either way, she got a Buttercup Bag!

For Melissa’s bag, I used a bandanna that was a fundraiser for Canteen. I was never going to wear it as a bandanna, so it had been sitting around, waiting to be made into something else. Lots of little names and love hearts all over it, I figured an 18 year old girl who covered her Facebook page with lovehearts may like it. I used part of an old curtain lining for the trim at the top, and lined the inside with blue-and-white fabric that I’ve previously made a mens shirt out of. (I do like a little bit of clashing in my fabric choices – adds to the fun!) And here it is:

Buttercup Bag for Melissa

Buttercup Bag for Melissa

Buttercup Bag for Melissa (lining)

Buttercup Bag for Melissa (lining)

The second Buttercup Bag was for another secret-santa gift. This year, there was a New Zealand Twitter community secret santa. Lots of fun! You signed up, and got the name and address of a completely random person (or company) somewhere in New Zealand to send a gift to. 🙂 My surprise giftee was a lovely lady in her early 30’s (I think) who loves making cupcakes and is also into crafts. (Sounds a bit like my twin, now that I type that out. Hmmm.) So, she got a Buttercup Bag with cupcakes all over it!

This one uses the same curtain lining that was used for Melissa’s bag for both the trim and the lining.

Cupcakes Buttercup Bag

Cupcakes Buttercup Bag

And here’s a photo of me with both bags, so you can see how big they are:

Butterfly Bags

Butterfly Bags


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