Happy New Year everyone!

Wow, hard to believe we’re at the end of the last day of 2010 already! Yikes!

Which means…. it’s New Years Resolutions time! (I’m not sure why, but I get quite a lot of joy out of making New Years Resolutions.)

I’ve got a few crafty resolutions in the mix this year, as well as a couple of others. And to make them public so I have to follow them, here they are….

  • Continue with the 12 Months of Dresses project, and make a new dress for myself every month
  • Buy no new fabric (this one will be hard!)
  • Sew at least one thing a week (some for me, some for friends)
  • Make every present I give people (nothing bought!)
  • Continue with the no-new-clothes challenge (for the third year in a row).  No new clothes unless I make them myself, or get them second-hand.  (With the exception of socks and hosiery, since I can’t make those.  Yet.  And any of those that I buy have to be made in New Zealand, to keep things as local as possible.)
  • Run a half marathon
  • Try at least one new recipe each week (must get better/braver at cooking!)
  • Hmmm. Turns out most of those involve crafty type stuff. Figures.

    So, what are your New Years Resolutions? Got any crafty/creative ones in there?

    Have a great New Years, everyone! 🙂

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