June dress (with vegetables!)

So it turns out I’m a bit behind in posting about my 12 months of dresses project. Oops! (But hey, that’s what happens when you get confused about your blog, right?!?)

Anyway, without further ado, I present to you (finally) the June dress. Complete with vegetables.

June dress (front)

June dress (front)

June dress (back)

June dress (back)

The June dress is another of the re-released Vogue 1950’s patterns that I’ve been happily collecting. (I do love my 1950’s dresses!) This one is an original 1954 design, and has been re-released as Vogue 2267. The dress has a fitted bodice, square necklines in front and back, and princess seams. It fastens with a side zipper (I used an invisible zipper, as I far prefer them for sewing with) and has in-seam pockets at both hips.

I used a craft cotton fabric again (they have the best prints, after all!), so it’s reasonably lightweight. Black, with a pattern of vegetables all over it (as a wearable reminder to eat your greens).

My only issue with this pattern (and indeed most of the re-released 1950’s patterns) is that the armholes are too tight. Sadly I completely forgot this when making up the dress, so ended up having to unpick the shoulder seams (which was more irritating than usual as they were finished by hand, which is something I hate doing in the first place so having to re-do it is not-so-fun) and let them out as much as I could. Next time, I’ll just have to remember to add an extra centimeter onto each shoulder strap to start with, and then it’ll be perfect. 🙂

I was quite impressed by the fit of this pattern. Probably not so good for busty girls, but it fit me perfectly, was quite fast to sew up (aside from the aforementioned hand finishing – grrr!) and I fully intend to make it up again (in a completely different colour so it doesn’t look as much as though I have two the same!).

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