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Yes, it’s true. I have been very negligent with this blog. Terribly so, in fact. And now I know why! It started out with me feeling like I should have a place where friends/family can find out what I’ve been up to, since I am terrible at keeping in touch with people at times. But, I never really want to post about what I’ve been doing. I mean, who really wants to hear about gigs I’ve been to, what I’ve been doing at work, what I did over the weekend, and that sort of stuff? Boring, right?

So, I ended up posting about stuff I’d been making. Which is what I did feel like writing about.

This created a bit of a quandary, though. After all, I didn’t start this blog to talk about what I’d been making, did I? Hmmm. Bit of a dilemma. Not quite sure what to do about that – what I’m writing about clashes with the supposed purpose of this blog. So, I ran away from it. Oops.

But last week, this awesome site I go to sometimes,, did this great thing where they gathered together this list of a whole bunch of awesome crafty blogs who were hosting giveaways. Curious, I went and had a look at a whole lot of them. And got all inspired (after all, they’re the sort of blogs I like to look at!) and realised – why on earth am I trying to force this blog to be something that it doesn’t want to be? Why don’t I just go with the flow, and let it be about crafty stuff? After all, it’s kinda dumb to force yourself to write stuff you don’t want to write, just because you feel you should, isn’t it? too much like work, I say! (And not fun type work, either. More job-you-hate-but-have-to-pay-the-bills type work. Ugh.)

And so, I have now decided to reinvent this blog. No longer will it be about what I’ve been up to! Sorry, friends and family, but you’re going to have to continue to not know what I’ve been doing. (Or, you could phone me to find out, if you really want to know.) Instead, this is now going to be a story about what I’ve been making. Lots of crafty goodness! Yay!

And I have lots to post about, even. 🙂 So, watch this space – more posts (with real content, instead of this sort of waffle) will be coming this way very very soon!

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