Handbag from a coat

So, in keeping with the making-things-for-peoples-birthdays plan, on Saturday I decided to make a birthday gift for Celia. While browsing through purty tutorials online, I came across one for a 1-hour bag, glanced through it, then more-or-less ignored it and made one along the same lines.

Since Celia’s a slightly-girly sort of girl, I went hunting for a slightly-girly-but-not-too-girly fabric. Figured a bag is always a good contender for using up some of the stuff in my (rather large and multiple) fabric scrap boxes, so I went hunting through one and unearthed a jacket that a friend had given me with the intention of my cutting it up and turning it into something completely different. Which I have now done. 🙂

(Sadly I didn’t take a photo of the jacket beforehand, but it was a wrap-around shaped one with long sleeves, and with a long fabric sash belt.)

So, to start with, I cut along all the seams, and separated the lining from the jacket outer. I then cut along all the seams on both, separating both lining and outer into their separate pieces. I then found the ones that were big enough for making a bag out of, which ended up being both the outer and the lining from the two sleeves. So, I cut the pieces out, and sewed ’em up. 🙂 Conveniently, the sash belt made for an excellent shoulder strap once I cut it down to the right length. Here’s the photo (you can’t see the inside, but imagine it lined in cream and with a little pocket inside too):

Bag for Celia

Bag for Celia

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