It’s 2010! Resolution time…..

Ok, so it turns out I suck at keeping a blog just as much as I suck at emailing people. Or remembering birthdays. Or getting up on time in the mornings. Hmmm. Clearly, despite my Virgo nature, I am not the most organised of people….

But anyways, here I am, blogging again! Largely due to one of my New Year’s resolutions. And seeing a link to someone else’s blog where they’re blogging about their resolutions, so I reckon I’ll do the same for one of mine. 🙂

And so, without further ado, here’s my resolutions for the year. (Not that most of you care, but I still haven’t written them down anywhere, so here’s the place, yes indeed it is.)

1 – Buy no new clothes (except for socks and tights, coz I can’t make those myself)
1.a – When buying the few allowed clothing items, only buy NZ-made stuff.
2 – Buy no new shoes (aside from running shoes, without which I won’t be able to do…)
3 – Run a half-marathon (eek!)
4 – Make myself at least one new dress every month

Now, resolution number 4 is the one I’m gonna blog about. And I’m feeling kinda proud of myself, as I finished a dress the other day that I’ve had sitting around, all cut out and ready to be sewn, for about six months now. Oops! Photo coming soon, I promise….!

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