Auckland = Rockband

After thinking about doing it for several months, Steve, Nik and I finally went up to Auckland last weekend to visit the lovely Melissa and Jeff (and their kids, of course. Can’t leave them out, can we now?).

Naturally enough, since they have the Rockband game, a lot of Rockband was played. Particularly by Melissa and I, who tend to alternate between vocals and drums so we both get to play the drums. 😉 (We did try a drum battle, but it got kinda boring kinda fast. Oh well.) I do likes that game. One day, I’ll buy me a house and it’ll have enough space to have the Rockband gear, and then I’ll get me a PS3 and Rockband (and max out my credit card in the process, considering how crazily expensive that stuff is) and it’ll be all good. Oh yeah.

(And in the meantime, I really should get my real, actual, proper drum kit and get over my fear of sounding dumb coz I haven’t played in ages, and actually just play the thing. Coz really, it’s rather silly not to. Indeed.)

Anyways, also had a girly weekend with Melissa while I was up in Auckland. She took me for my first ever pedicure. Very nice! My feet felt all lovely afterwards, and I’m not quite sure how they managed it, but they even made it look like I have real toe nails on my little toes, rather than tiny slivers of nothingness. Strangely impressive skills there.

Must go up to Auckland again, play some more Rockband….. (Or just buy my own copy. Heh.)


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