Single boys, single girls, and cocktails

A month or so back, JP (my flatmate) and I decided that since we both have quite a few friends who regularly complain about never meeting single guys/girls, we may as well get proactive and actually do something about it. The result: last night, we threw a singles party. (And yes, I’m still getting over the apparent stigma that is attached to having a singles party. While on one hand, I’m rather proud we did it and were all proactive and the like, on the other hand, it’s kinda embarrassing in a way, for reasons I am not entirely sure on….. Go figure.)

So yes. I was a bit nervous about putting the word out we were having a singles party. That whole aforementioned stigma and all that, y’see. Turns out there was no need for concern though – pretty much everyone invited was rather excited by the idea, and more than happy to come along! And bring their single friends as well. Result: the party went off with a bang!!

Not sure how many people turned up, but I’m guessing we had about 50 people through the house over the course of the night. The place was pumping for the first few hours, standing room only, groups of people talking away. (Slightly intimidating, I found. But purely because I always feel a certain hostess responsibility when I host a party, so was worried about people not mingling, etc. Stupid, but there you have it.) After a while, about half the people headed off elsewhere, and a core group of about 15-20 of us remained, which is when it turned into a rather good party, in my opinion. Lots of interesting people to talk to, but not so many you couldn’t move without worrying about accidentally elbowing someone in the nose or spilling someone’s drink.

The lovely Hilaire was helping us out for the evening, playing retro-trailer-trash-hostess in her glam vintage silver cocktail dress and heels, hair all up bouffant, eyelashes long and sparkly. That girl is an absolute legend!! Mixing drinks, taking them around on a little silver tray, putting ‘spank me’ post-it notes on people. What a star! She even arrived at the start of the night carting boxes of cocktail umbrellas and bright plastic animals to decorate glasses with. 🙂

But anyway, to cut a long story short (and yes, I’m inclined to ramble at the moment since I didn’t get to bed until after 4am last night so am rather tired and zoned-out), the party went off well. Would do it again. Probably in a month or two, actually. Only next time, JP and I are thinking we’ll experiment and try a different format – maybe a pot-luck dinner, invite a matching number of guys and girls and get them each to bring along a single friend of the same gender and a plate. More intimate mingling, instead of having to compete with music and the like. Will see how that goes. (I likes playing around with social interaction methods, yes indeed.)

But for now, I’m off to get some sleep…….


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