Argh! It’s raining on the inside!!

Random things to have happen on a Friday – turn up to work, to be greeted by a big whiteboard in the doorway informing you the office has flooded, there is no power, so just go home. Heh.
Since I figured I needed something from my desk so I can actually do a bit of work at home (and out of sheer curiousity, naturally) I wandered on in. Lots of cleaner types everywhere, with those big vaccum cleaners that suck up water. Water dripping from the ceiling in various places, including directly over where my desk chair (well, Swiss Ball, but you know what I mean) sits. Had a little puddle on my desk even! And damp and soggy paperwork stacked in piles in dryer parts of the office. All slightly eerie in a way, since there was no power so it was all dim and gloomy and filled with men in cleaning uniforms and the sounds of vaccums sucking up vast quantities of water from the carpet. Erk.


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