Cupcakes, anyone?

So, my lovely friend Paul was in town visiting last night, and crashing at my place (coz I happen to have a lovely, handy sofa bed. A purple one, even. Yes indeed.). I suspect he didn’t quite get the hang-out time he was after though, because…….
I spent the whole evening baking. Yes, yes I did. And I roped him in to help me. (In all fairness, I did warn him before he arrived that baking would be happening, and a fair amount of it.)
We made cupcakes (in two different varieties, even!), chocolate chip bikkies, and apple spice muffins. And then we iced the cupcakes (in their two different varieties, with their two styles of cupcake paper cup thingy to differentiate the types) with pretty pink or yellow icing, and made them even prettier with pebbles or coconut on top (once again, one topping for one cupcake variant, the other for the other. Gotta make them distinguishable before you bite into ’em, after all. It’s the fair thing to do.)
Finally tumbled into bed around midnight, probably with cookie dough under my fingernails. Classy.
And what was the reason for this mad frenzy of baking, you may ask? (Not that I managed to achieve nearly as much as my mother always seems to do in half the time. Gotta figure out her magic trick one of these days….) Well, we had a bake sale at work today, raising money for the Cancer Society.
Collegues put on a great showing, with masses of muffins, biscuits, slices, and the like pouring in as bake sale donations. Enough to fully load up two two-tiered trolleys, even! Then four of us got to wheel them around the floor, calling out our ‘tea trolley! Cupcakes, scones, muffins! For the Cancer Society!’ refrain to lure the masses with their cash.
Was rather interesting, actually, seeing who went for what sort of home baking. Different business units and floors went for completely different things, and had different selection and purchasing styles. Almost a bit of a social experiment, there. Am now kinda curious to see if I can conduct it again and analyst results to find the baking product with maximum return for each floor…. Hmmm….. You never know when that info may be useful. (Probably for future bake sales, funnily enough.)
Was a rather successful mission. We raised just over $670 for the Cancer Society, through our 1.75 hours of trolley-pushing. Pretty good effort, if I do say so myself! 😉
Tune in at the end of the weekend for our next mission, as I take part in the Relay for Life this weekend as part of my work’s team…. (Yep, once again raising money for the Cancer Society. Coz it’s a good cause, yes indeed it is.)


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