Personality types and things like that

Just got back from the Wairarapa, where I was hanging out for a couple of days on a course for work. A ‘Leadership Essentials’ course, in fact, where we got to learn all sorts of things about ourselves, our personality types and leadership styles and tools and techniques we can use to play to our strengths and improve our weaknesses. Much of which (particularly the personality types) I happen to find rather fascinating, so it was a good couple of days. 🙂 (Although I must admit that I didn’t learn overly much new, coz as previously mentioned, I happen to find that sort of stuff rather interesting so have delved into it a little bit in the past. Still good to have the ‘professionals’ delve into it, however. Yes indeed.)

Apparantly I am an INFJ type. Which means I am (I)ntroverted (get my energy internally, i.e. can find it hard in large social situations, and like to think things through before I jump right in and say them), i(N)tuiting (look at the big picture, and not so good with the details), (F)eeling (emotions and people and empathy weighs in more than logic), and (J)udging (I likes my lists and forward planning. 🙂 There is a catch to this one though – I am a Pressure-prompted Judging, which means even though I write lots of lists, I leave things to the last minute. A fact which I am sure irritates and frustrates many people I know. Sorry ’bout that, folks.)

Beautiful place, the Wairarapa. Woke up this morning, wandered outside from the cute not-so-little cabin I was assigned, and smiled at the flat lands with sheep on them and the mountains in the distance, the silence and peace and calm of a crisp early morning. Gorgeous. Almost worth the commute if one lived out there, even…..


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