Webstock 2009

So, last week I was at the Webstock conference in Wellington. A fantastic gathering of web-involved people, such as developers, designers, project managers, interaction specialists, usability and accessability folk, font geeks, etc, etc, etc. Brilliant conference – I highly recommend it! 🙂

This year I made it along to a full-day workshop on the Tuesday, run by Jackson Wilkinson, on designing balance into Agile processes. Very glad I went – I got out of it what I was wanting to get out of it. Namely, confidence that I know what Agile is all about and how it is done, and where usability activities can fit into it all. Really want to try my hands at an Agile project now…. *fingers crossed* won’t have too long to wait!

The conference proper ran on Thurs/Fri (19th/20th Feb). Lots of the talks this year were centered around communities, particularly online ones, and how to get people to communicate, interact, and generally form, grow, and nurture online communities. There was also a strong focus on ways to share information, and how online communities can foster this, as well as nurture human interactions. Very interesting talks, which have given me quite a bit to think about. Not too sure yet how I can apply a lot of the online community stuff to my work, but hopefully in the future I’ll get a chance to. In the meantime, though, I have some great works from Damien Conway’s presentation on usability which I am taking back to the team. 🙂

Met lots of fantastic people, and was able to put faces to some of the online names, which is always kinda fun. Also got hooked on Twitter. Hmmm. It was one of those sorts of gatherings, where everyone seemed to be using it (to the extent we had ‘On Twitter my name is:’ labels on our name tags) and many of the conference updates were on it as well. Micro blogging. Too much? Or not? Still making up my mind about it all……


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